Mission & Vision


To provide a comprehensive approach for asthma in Saudi Arabia. Such approach should increase the awareness and knowledge in many aspects of the disease including research, education for patients, healthcare workers and public, and creation of links between different parties interested in asthma.


Our vision is to ensure that every child and adult in Saudi Arabia with asthma has an active and symptom-free life.

Functions of the SINA

The SINA group will ensure that its goals are achieved by creating different task forces. The task forces will have the following roles:

  • The SINA group executive committee will choose one member as a leader for each taskforce.
  • The leader of the task force will choose the members of the taskforce responsible for the implementation of its functions outside of the Executive Committee.
  • There is neither a specific number of the taskforces, nor a limited number of members within the task force. Furthermore, the duration of each task force’s term depends on the type of activity entrusted to it.
  • Each leader should provide annual report to the Executive Committee of SINA group.